Thursday, August 11, 2005


August 11, 2005

“As the dengue outbreak downs urban poor communities as a result of the regime’s below-par health subsidies, President Arroyo and her cohorts is currently spreading the denggoy (deceit) virus.” This was the statement by Rizza Ramirez, National President of the National Union of Students of the Philippines as it joined UP Manila students in calling for her resignation near the Philippine General Hospital in Ermita, Manila.

Ramirez says, “The denggoy outbreak by the Palace has turned from funny to farcical, insinuating the existence of a Witness Academy while they themselves are the ones paying for the witnesses’ expulsion from Bishop Cruz’ academy – at a million-fold a price, as is the case of Robert Garcia.”

“But Capt. Mendoza gave away damaging corroborative testimony by fusing jueteng and electoral fraud with GMA at the center of the controversy. No amount of Bunye’s antics nor GMA’s pity-me stances can overrun that.” Ramirez asserts.

“The Palace’s Witness Prevention Program seems to be working the other way around too, with the youth getting more and more restless and agitated with Malacanang interventions in both Senate and House hearings on jueteng and impeachment, respectively ” Ramirez explains.

Ramirez asserts, “As a denggoy mosquito, GMA shouldn’t forget the symptoms of denggoy fever. It should not be the feverish political climate that she should watch out for, but the silent fatal blow during times of seemingly stabling political conditions – such as now.”

Ramirez adds, “But exterminators of denggoy mosquitoes are far more powerful. The youth and the people in struggle will chase her in every nook and cranny, and exhaust all means from impeachment to ouster to rid the government of corrupt bloodsuckers like GMA.”

“Our protest reiterates the call of the NUSP for President Arroyo to resign – or be ousted from power. The longer she spreads her denggoy virus, more and more students are out to get her exterminated from office. Ramirez finally says.

NUSP, together with Youth-DARE, will also lead sustained mass actions in the coming weeks such as the August 16 Youth March to be held at different chokepoints in the metropolis involving numerous student councils from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila.


August 8, 2005

“The Committee on Justice should learn from EDSA Dos. Delaying justice on the basis of legal technicalities such as dilly-dallying on which impeachment case to use in the hearings will only spread further outrage among the youth and the people.” This was the statement by Rizza Ramirez, National President of the National Union of Students of the Philippines as it joined various youth groups led by YOUTH DARE (Youth Demanding Arroyo’s Removal) in giving out white roses to Committee on Justice congressmen. “For truth and justice, and their better judgment, sans political patronage,” Ramirez adds.

Ramirez says, “The roses are meant to symbolize the youth’s struggles and demands that the impeachment process must ferret out the truth about the scandals hounding the president and cease making a mockery out of the growing anger of the people against this regime.”

“But it seems that this government is not at all keen in resolving the political crisis as it continues deploying demolition teams, led even by the top officials in the military, Congress and Malacanang to destroy the credibility of witnesses such as Michelangelo Zuce and Capt. Mendoza for purported anomalies entirely unrelated to alleged jueteng payoffs by Arroyo to Comelec officials. Patronage does have its price.” Ramirez asserts.

“This conspiracy of lies has got to end. The more Arroyo’s lapdogs open their mouths, the more it becomes clearer to the youth how rotten this regime has become. This is further rousing the youth and the people to decisively struggle against the regime.” Ramirez explains.

Ramirez asserts, “As Arroyo gets further exposed by the day, the more it becomes necessary for her to pack her bags and resign from office. Her spin doctors cannot help her regain the political credibility and legitimacy she lost as a result of her lapses in judgment. This is the issue which the youth and people will never place into the backburner.”

Ramirez adds, “As we speak, a “creeping murder” of the impeachment complaint is in place through legal technicalities by staunch Arroyo allies as they continue creating the circumstances for the immediate ouster of the regime.”

“But the youth and students will ever remain vigilant in struggling for the truth and the immediate removal of GMA from power, be it through impeachment, resignation of ouster. NUSP, together with Youth-DARE, will also lead sustained mass actions in the coming weeks such as the August 16 Youth March involving numerous student councils from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila.” Ramirez finally says.


August 8, 2005

“Despite most of our congressmen’s stubbornness in supporting the impeachment process, the youth will stop at nothing to decisively convince our representatives to make history and sign the impeachment complaint against President Arroyo.” This was the statement by Rizza Ramirez, National President of the National Union of Students of the Philippines as it joined various youth groups led by YOUTH DARE (Youth Demanding Arroyo’s Removal) in serenading undecided solons at the House of Representatives to finally seek the impeachment of the embattled Chief Executive.

Ramirez adds, “The surfacing of new witnesses such as Michelangelo Zuce has provided a deeper material basis to have Mrs. Arroyo prosecuted in an impeachment trial. As such, congressmen playing blind to these grave allegations only prove how the politics of patronage and deceit has encroached the very Congress that is supposed to be a bastion of free inquiry and debate.”

“Numerous student councils, alliances and formations are demanding fairness and truth in the conduct of the impeachment proceedings in the House. But how can the youth and students believe that due process will be followed and the truth to be finally ferreted out if the Speaker of the House himself categorically declared that the impeachment will suffer an early demise, and along with it all hope and faith of the youth and the people in our constitutional processes. They are bastardizing the trust of the youth and the people in due process.” Ramirez asserts.

“If our congressmen fail to heed the calls of the youth to put the interests of the people over and above their own vested interests, the youth will soon have no other recourse but to continually participate in sustained popular struggles to force the despotic sitting president out of office. The current regime and its lackeys in Congress are setting the premises on the viability of Gloria Arroyo’s ouster in the minds of the students and the people.” Ramirez explains.

Ramirez finally asserts, “We are serenading our good congressmen now to remind them that it is never wrong to fight on the side of truth and the people and the youth will forever be vigilant against subtle maneuverings of staunch administration allies to derail the last window of hope for a peaceful resolution of the political crisis. But if push comes to shove, the youth and students will again march in the streets and struggle with the people to oust Gloria Arroyo out of Malacanang.”


August 3, 2005

“The students’ diagnosis on the Secretary of Injustice is final – a serious case of KSP (Kulang sa Pansin) Syndrome that can only be controlled by giving the secretary less media attention save for slots in television gag shows.” This was the statement of NUSP National President Rizza Ramirez as UP students stormed the DOJ yesterday to protest Sec. Gonzales’ reckless remarks that the University of the Philippines is a haven for anti-government protesters.

Ramirez adds, “These are merely the mindless ramblings of a delusional old man continually kowtowing to the President as her lapdog par excellence, to the extent of blaming the most prestigious state university in the country as teaching its students to become communists.”

“If the struggle for academic freedom, genuine democracy and social justice – values which the University holds at the core of its existence, are enough proof to label one a Communist subversive, then everyone else in the University should be charged by Gonzales for rebellion,” Ramirez, a former UP Manila University Student Council Chairperson asserts.

“Numerous University Student Councils and College Councils of the entire UP System have already expressed their utter outrage for his irresponsible remarks and more so now that he has blatantly accused the University of teaching its students to become Communists,” Ramirez further asserts.

“This is utterly alarming now, especially at this time when he has been bluffing of CPP-NPA death threats on his life. Shall he then make the connection between the UP and the CPP-NPA soon?” Ramirez adds.

“This will only definitely lead to greater political repression on legitimate student protests against the regime and heightened intelligence operations on student councils of various state colleges and universities known for being outspoken critics of this fraudulent regime,” Ramirez laments.

“But most disturbing of all is President Arroyo’s utmost tolerance and silence on the actuations of loose cannons such as Sec. Gonzales. Is it the President’s strategy now to let her alter-egos do the dirty tricks while she goes about peddling her pretentious message of unity and peace?” Ramirez asks.

Ramirez says, “It only shows the rottenness of the company the President keeps, all for the sake of her political survival as her political legitimacy further crumbles, especially in the eyes of the students.”

“But as youth and student support for the President wanes further by the day, the NUSP is constantly expanding and consolidating its ranks for bigger youth and student mass actions against the embattled Chief Executive such as the Aug 16 Youth March to gather more popular support for the impeachment process.” Ramirez proudly proclaims.


August 2, 2005

“If Department of Injustice Sec. Raul Gonzales is a reckless lapdog, then President Arroyo is an irresponsible M aster. This was the statement by Terry Ridon, Deputy Vice-President for Luzon as the National Union of Students of the Philippines joined a picket by students of the University of the Philippines Manila in front of the Department of Justice in Padre Faura, Manila.

Ridon adds, “Based on the principle that cabinet secretaries are the alter-egos of the Chief Executive, President Arroyo should also be held responsible for letting loose delusional propagandists such as Secretary Gonzales for insinuating that the University of the Philippines is a haven of subversives and government dissidents. Sadly, his petty tirades utterly fail in creating support for the president and instead antagonize the students further from the regime, particularly the Iskolars ng Bayan.”

“Besides, it is wrong for Sec. Gonzales to claim that it is the government that funds the University of the Philippines,” Ridon asserts, “as it is ultimately the people that pays for the education of its youth. Lest we forget, it is in this sorry regime that the country’s premier state university got its biggest budget cut of more than 300 million pesos last year. That is what the students get for Gloria’s economic program of slashing social services for more debt service.”

Even the Secretary’s suggestion to review the UP Charter deserves to be scoffed at by the Iskolars ng Bayan. “They can amend the UP Charter all they want but they can never stifle the University’s tradition of militant struggle and social critique as it is rooted in decades of historic struggles of UP students for social justice and democracy, and against despotic regimes such as now,” Ridon proudly proclaims.

“if at all, the best that the President and Sec. Gonzales have done for UP is to convince and consolidate the Iskolars ng Bayan further as a community of dissent against this regime – a regime that values selfish political survival over the democratic interests of the youth and the people,” Ridon further asserts.

“As of late, numerous University Student Councils and College Student Councils are demanding a public apology from you, Secretary Gonzales,” says Ridon. “He is a very valuable asset to the President, an asset to her immediate ouster from power if Mrs. Arroyo does not keep a tighter leash on her loose cannons posing as honorables.”

Ridon finally suggests, “Say your mea culpas now, Secretary, before the historic struggle of the Iskolars ng Bayan, the youth and the people finally catches up on you and your President.”’

Senator Raul Roco

NUSP President 1961-1962

The National Union of Students of the Philippines mourns the untimely passing of former Senator Raul Roco, especially at this critical time in our nation’s history in which the people are in dire need of leaders like him who can steer the nation forward towards genuine democracy, development and social justice.

Senator Roco was staunch defender of students’ rights and academic freedom during his days in the student movement and his tenure as the youngest National President of the NUSP at a time of heightening student activism in the 1960s will never be forgotten and will forever be part of the history of struggle that the student movement up to the present prides itself by.

As a political giant in the Senate, Senator Roco was one of the pioneers of EDSA Dos, struggling with the youth and students in ousting a populist president over corruption charges in 2001. He was greatly admired by the students for his political will in denouncing a corrupt regime and standing by the side of the people during those critical times of protest and dissent.

In his desire for systemic change, Senator Roco offered himself for the presidency twice in a presidential platform of government that was centered on the education of the youth, towards education for all. He never lost sight of the ideals of the Union – a nationalist, mass-oriented and scientific educational system for the Filipino youth.

Senator Raul Roco died at a time when the Filipino people longed for leaders to struggle with them out of the present national crisis besetting the nation. But the Filipino students and the Filipino people will continue to struggle forth to ensure that all the ideals which Senator Roco lived by will ultimately be realized – for the youth and the people in struggle.

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