Thursday, August 11, 2005


August 11, 2005

“As the dengue outbreak downs urban poor communities as a result of the regime’s below-par health subsidies, President Arroyo and her cohorts is currently spreading the denggoy (deceit) virus.” This was the statement by Rizza Ramirez, National President of the National Union of Students of the Philippines as it joined UP Manila students in calling for her resignation near the Philippine General Hospital in Ermita, Manila.

Ramirez says, “The denggoy outbreak by the Palace has turned from funny to farcical, insinuating the existence of a Witness Academy while they themselves are the ones paying for the witnesses’ expulsion from Bishop Cruz’ academy – at a million-fold a price, as is the case of Robert Garcia.”

“But Capt. Mendoza gave away damaging corroborative testimony by fusing jueteng and electoral fraud with GMA at the center of the controversy. No amount of Bunye’s antics nor GMA’s pity-me stances can overrun that.” Ramirez asserts.

“The Palace’s Witness Prevention Program seems to be working the other way around too, with the youth getting more and more restless and agitated with Malacanang interventions in both Senate and House hearings on jueteng and impeachment, respectively ” Ramirez explains.

Ramirez asserts, “As a denggoy mosquito, GMA shouldn’t forget the symptoms of denggoy fever. It should not be the feverish political climate that she should watch out for, but the silent fatal blow during times of seemingly stabling political conditions – such as now.”

Ramirez adds, “But exterminators of denggoy mosquitoes are far more powerful. The youth and the people in struggle will chase her in every nook and cranny, and exhaust all means from impeachment to ouster to rid the government of corrupt bloodsuckers like GMA.”

“Our protest reiterates the call of the NUSP for President Arroyo to resign – or be ousted from power. The longer she spreads her denggoy virus, more and more students are out to get her exterminated from office. Ramirez finally says.

NUSP, together with Youth-DARE, will also lead sustained mass actions in the coming weeks such as the August 16 Youth March to be held at different chokepoints in the metropolis involving numerous student councils from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila.

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