Sunday, March 30, 2008

Short Ramblings on the Need to Photograph the People in Struggle

there is a fundamental importance on taking pictures of subjects most people wont exactly photograph.

by taking their pictures and showing it to the world, we are not actually trivializing their plight into a mere UNICEF postcard.

better yet, it is through our pictures that we best articulate the deepest longings of a democratic society, that there is much more that needs to be done instead of palliative measures to solve poverty.

with photos, let our hearts bleed with the grim and gritty reality of their situation. at the very least we bled, instead of turning a blind eye to the reality of it all.

lastly, though, when we do take these kinds of pictures, the general framework should never be, "ill shoot the image because they look pretty in their poverty."

rather, it ought to be, "ill shoot this image because their poverty is not at all pretty."

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