Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Greatest Crime

The greatest crime of all under this regime of terror is this -
the further execution of political dissidents to support the regime's conclusions.

Now that the regime has been exposed as merely playing lip service over the escalating political killings across the country, its fangs are again at it by executing a former comrade of the Communist Party of the Philippines to beef up the regime's claims of an ongoing purge inside the revolutionary movement. By killing Ka Teroy Llamas, an inactive aboveground political activist, the government will have proven their case against the Communists - that again, they are killing their former comrades. And again, the military has ponted an accusing finger at the CPP and its perceived front organizations. And again, Bert Gonzales is at it again blaming the CPP for all the evils of the world from coup attempts to assasination plots which are all fairytale stories to the common folk, coming from a fascist fairy.

The regime has also exposed its cunning conspiracy to malign ang decimate the legal left organizations by brazenly linking even Erap loyalists in their plot. The bloody intrigue of Gloria's hatchetmen has grown in such fantastic and unbelievable proportions that even legitimate supporters of a traditional, albeit a populist president now clutch along with them copies of subversive and revolutionary documents. Again, it is meant to show how vast the network of the armed Left had become, thus, justifying the crimes and murders committed against the legal Left by this regime's most rabid fascists and militarists.

More so, even a discredited Raul Lambino of the Sigaw ng Bayan has joined the Red hysteria. He remarked in an interview that the single biggest roadblock for Charter Change are the front organizations of the CPP. He has even done extrapolations on how these so-called front organizations plan to monopolize the entire seats in the partylist bloc in the next few years. He asserted that in all their roadshows nationwide, it has always been these leftist groups that had been very vocal against Charter Change with clear eloquence and analysis. As such, must we execute them further then?

These examples border on the absurd although terrifying as it is. But just the same, it its expected that there will be no let-up in the killing spree of government-sponsored death squads. But history has taught the people many things for them to be cowed by these killings. The more they assasinate and forcibly disappear leaders of dissent and struggle, a hundredfold more rush to the leadership and continue on the fight for freedom. Bullets can never kill an idea. They may decimate the flesh but they cannot destroy the hopes and aspirations of a people.

This government is only hastening the revolutionary tide that is taking place in all corners of the archipelago. History has taught us that dastardly acts like these are done by regimes in their final days, and that the people will always emerge victorious, the tyrant ousted and punished for his crimes.

This regime is losing its luck, and even its fortune.

Sa Dapithapon ng Pag-Ibig

Hindi makukuha ang sagot sa pagkalimot. Tulad ng sabi mo, iyan ang pulitika ng pag-iwas.

Kung galit, magalit lang.
Nawawala naman iyan.

Hanggang ngayon, hanap ang yakap mo sa bawat sandali.
Subalit magtatagpo at magtatagpo namang muli.
Hihintayin din ang araw na mawala ang pighati.

Ito lang ang alalahanin: ang batayan ng pag-ibig ay nananatili -
tunay, ganap at wagas.
Sa huli, magtatagpo at magtatagpong muli.

Mahaba pa naman ang landas patungong kalayaan.
At ang pakikibaka at pag-ibig ay magkatulad din naman.
puspusan, ubos-kaya at mapagpalaya.

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