Thursday, August 11, 2005


August 8, 2005

“Despite most of our congressmen’s stubbornness in supporting the impeachment process, the youth will stop at nothing to decisively convince our representatives to make history and sign the impeachment complaint against President Arroyo.” This was the statement by Rizza Ramirez, National President of the National Union of Students of the Philippines as it joined various youth groups led by YOUTH DARE (Youth Demanding Arroyo’s Removal) in serenading undecided solons at the House of Representatives to finally seek the impeachment of the embattled Chief Executive.

Ramirez adds, “The surfacing of new witnesses such as Michelangelo Zuce has provided a deeper material basis to have Mrs. Arroyo prosecuted in an impeachment trial. As such, congressmen playing blind to these grave allegations only prove how the politics of patronage and deceit has encroached the very Congress that is supposed to be a bastion of free inquiry and debate.”

“Numerous student councils, alliances and formations are demanding fairness and truth in the conduct of the impeachment proceedings in the House. But how can the youth and students believe that due process will be followed and the truth to be finally ferreted out if the Speaker of the House himself categorically declared that the impeachment will suffer an early demise, and along with it all hope and faith of the youth and the people in our constitutional processes. They are bastardizing the trust of the youth and the people in due process.” Ramirez asserts.

“If our congressmen fail to heed the calls of the youth to put the interests of the people over and above their own vested interests, the youth will soon have no other recourse but to continually participate in sustained popular struggles to force the despotic sitting president out of office. The current regime and its lackeys in Congress are setting the premises on the viability of Gloria Arroyo’s ouster in the minds of the students and the people.” Ramirez explains.

Ramirez finally asserts, “We are serenading our good congressmen now to remind them that it is never wrong to fight on the side of truth and the people and the youth will forever be vigilant against subtle maneuverings of staunch administration allies to derail the last window of hope for a peaceful resolution of the political crisis. But if push comes to shove, the youth and students will again march in the streets and struggle with the people to oust Gloria Arroyo out of Malacanang.”

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