Thursday, August 11, 2005


August 8, 2005

“The Committee on Justice should learn from EDSA Dos. Delaying justice on the basis of legal technicalities such as dilly-dallying on which impeachment case to use in the hearings will only spread further outrage among the youth and the people.” This was the statement by Rizza Ramirez, National President of the National Union of Students of the Philippines as it joined various youth groups led by YOUTH DARE (Youth Demanding Arroyo’s Removal) in giving out white roses to Committee on Justice congressmen. “For truth and justice, and their better judgment, sans political patronage,” Ramirez adds.

Ramirez says, “The roses are meant to symbolize the youth’s struggles and demands that the impeachment process must ferret out the truth about the scandals hounding the president and cease making a mockery out of the growing anger of the people against this regime.”

“But it seems that this government is not at all keen in resolving the political crisis as it continues deploying demolition teams, led even by the top officials in the military, Congress and Malacanang to destroy the credibility of witnesses such as Michelangelo Zuce and Capt. Mendoza for purported anomalies entirely unrelated to alleged jueteng payoffs by Arroyo to Comelec officials. Patronage does have its price.” Ramirez asserts.

“This conspiracy of lies has got to end. The more Arroyo’s lapdogs open their mouths, the more it becomes clearer to the youth how rotten this regime has become. This is further rousing the youth and the people to decisively struggle against the regime.” Ramirez explains.

Ramirez asserts, “As Arroyo gets further exposed by the day, the more it becomes necessary for her to pack her bags and resign from office. Her spin doctors cannot help her regain the political credibility and legitimacy she lost as a result of her lapses in judgment. This is the issue which the youth and people will never place into the backburner.”

Ramirez adds, “As we speak, a “creeping murder” of the impeachment complaint is in place through legal technicalities by staunch Arroyo allies as they continue creating the circumstances for the immediate ouster of the regime.”

“But the youth and students will ever remain vigilant in struggling for the truth and the immediate removal of GMA from power, be it through impeachment, resignation of ouster. NUSP, together with Youth-DARE, will also lead sustained mass actions in the coming weeks such as the August 16 Youth March involving numerous student councils from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila.” Ramirez finally says.

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