Thursday, August 11, 2005


August 3, 2005

“The students’ diagnosis on the Secretary of Injustice is final – a serious case of KSP (Kulang sa Pansin) Syndrome that can only be controlled by giving the secretary less media attention save for slots in television gag shows.” This was the statement of NUSP National President Rizza Ramirez as UP students stormed the DOJ yesterday to protest Sec. Gonzales’ reckless remarks that the University of the Philippines is a haven for anti-government protesters.

Ramirez adds, “These are merely the mindless ramblings of a delusional old man continually kowtowing to the President as her lapdog par excellence, to the extent of blaming the most prestigious state university in the country as teaching its students to become communists.”

“If the struggle for academic freedom, genuine democracy and social justice – values which the University holds at the core of its existence, are enough proof to label one a Communist subversive, then everyone else in the University should be charged by Gonzales for rebellion,” Ramirez, a former UP Manila University Student Council Chairperson asserts.

“Numerous University Student Councils and College Councils of the entire UP System have already expressed their utter outrage for his irresponsible remarks and more so now that he has blatantly accused the University of teaching its students to become Communists,” Ramirez further asserts.

“This is utterly alarming now, especially at this time when he has been bluffing of CPP-NPA death threats on his life. Shall he then make the connection between the UP and the CPP-NPA soon?” Ramirez adds.

“This will only definitely lead to greater political repression on legitimate student protests against the regime and heightened intelligence operations on student councils of various state colleges and universities known for being outspoken critics of this fraudulent regime,” Ramirez laments.

“But most disturbing of all is President Arroyo’s utmost tolerance and silence on the actuations of loose cannons such as Sec. Gonzales. Is it the President’s strategy now to let her alter-egos do the dirty tricks while she goes about peddling her pretentious message of unity and peace?” Ramirez asks.

Ramirez says, “It only shows the rottenness of the company the President keeps, all for the sake of her political survival as her political legitimacy further crumbles, especially in the eyes of the students.”

“But as youth and student support for the President wanes further by the day, the NUSP is constantly expanding and consolidating its ranks for bigger youth and student mass actions against the embattled Chief Executive such as the Aug 16 Youth March to gather more popular support for the impeachment process.” Ramirez proudly proclaims.

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