Sunday, August 31, 2008

Anonymous on the Campaign to Eliminate the "Tedious Use of the Word 'Basically'"

O, para sa mga taong puro "basically, actually" ang sinasabi pag wala nang ibang masabi or pag nawawala sa sinasabi, eto ang paliwanag para sa ating lahat na may sala.

Please join my campaign to eliminate the tedious use of the word 'basically.'

Here is the reasoning::

The word "basically" is an overused verbal tick which demeans and condescends to the listener. It is at the same time a way for the speaker to inflate his own self esteem by flogging and repeating words that appear to emphasize personal knowledge.

It is a fault which has become, I fear, some sort of custom or accepted


i saw you on the news tonight

if you want to see change, then ACT - BE the change
don't just be the idiot who thinks he's doing the right thing by being an activist - a bunch of HYPOCRITES.

you're an intelligent and very able person - you can do so much more with your time.

i hope you'll realize this.
- a concerned citizen
hey anonymous.

first of all, you're one dumb person, i don't really care about people like you. you're a coward for not even giving your name and yet you berate the activists as though we're a mere bunch of lowlifes.

so enough of that banter.

dude, you got Gandhi all wrong, quoting his lines as though all he ever cared about was merely sitting by his lonesome and waiting for the British Empire to fall.

mind you anonymous dude - the indian people engaged in militant mass actions for a protracted time in pursuit of indian independence.

were they complaining as hard then about british intervention in india's internal affairs? boy, they did, and they all fought hard with their hoarse voices and weary bodies. they were truncheoned, maimed, killed for their cause.

it is in the same light that we continue to do what we do. maybe you're stupid enough not to know that one of the biggest factors for the abrogation of the bases treaty in congress has been the collective action of different sectors of the people campaigning for the non-renewal of the treaty between the US and the Philippines.

i think i need not repeat what is part of the country's historical record of the people's struggle against different forms of oppression and exploitation and how a big part of the triumphs therefrom has been due to the unflinching resolve of the people to make their voices heard in great numbers.

so i really dont buy your simplistic retort as to 'being the change' and whatever else rhetoric you know about changing philippine society, because its clear that simply by resolving in your mind to 'be the change' has never actually worked in comparison to the historic triumphs of collective mass actions of the people.

the struggle may be long and hard, precisely because we seek to untangle long and deep-seated problems that we have a nation, which by simply 'being the change' cannot dismantle.

so, anonymous dude, think first before deluging my blog with your stupid attempt at discouragement.

if there's an idiot here, its you. if there's a hypocrite here, its you. hell, you dont even know how to put your history in the proper context.

and thanks, i know im intelligent and able. so are all my other peers and comrades.

good luck with your sorry simplistic life.
i was not in the right frame of mind to criticize you.
we all have our own opinions and the right to exercise our freedom of speech.
i should have respected yours.
thank you for enlightening me with your insights

- acc
it's good you know now.

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