Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Earth Hour Blooper

At around 830pm, on the 29th of March, posh households in Metro Manila turned off the lights in their mansions in response to the Department of Energy's pretentious Earth Hour campaign, supposedly to increase awareness on global.

JM, apparently, unmindful of such a campaign calls up Carlos' mobile.

JM: Hey bro, what's up? Let's have coffee tonight.

Carlos: I can't, I'm with my family, observing Earth Hour. We turned out our lights tonight, to spread word on Global Warming, ala Al Gore.

JM: Oh. That's great, doing your bit for the environment. It must be hot in your place tonight though.

Carlos: Not at all bro, coz the centralized airconditioning's turned on as always.

There goes your little bit of saving energy for Mother Earth! Congrats on a failed and pretentious undertaking!

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