Thursday, October 12, 2006

The UPM University Student Council (USC) Constitution in Brief

A brief discussion of the Constitution of the UPM-USC is important in order to understand the administrative foundation of the organization. Section 2 of the UPM-USC Constitution indicates the declaration of objectives of the student council and it includes unifying the ranks of the studentry and ensure the broadest coordination of the University and College Student Councils in UP Manila, establishing unity with other sectors of the University and the citizenry in the struggle for national freedom and democracy. These are very lofty objectives by a University Student Council, whose term of office spans for only a year, and in order to successfully achieve these goals, a very efficient administrative base must be fully effective in implementing the plans of the student council.

The USC is composed of 16 members, which includes the USC Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, 7 USC Councilors and 7 College Representatives. It convenes every other week as a General Assembly to decide on policy issues and updates on programs and projects. It also has an Executive Committee (Execom), vested with the decision-making powers of the General Assembly when it is not in session. The Execom has 6 members, including the USC Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary-General, Treasurer, Business Manager and Public Information Officer. The four latter positions are elected by the General Assembly from among the USC Councilors and/or the College Representatives.

The semestral funds of the University Student Council come from mandatory payments by all enrolled students in UP Manila during one semester. At present, the USC collects PhP20 per student for its funds, though only forty percent of the PhP20 actually goes to its funds. Sixty percent goes to the local college student councils, depending on the college to which the student paying belongs to. The administrative implications of this shall be discussed later. Moreover, the USC is also mandated to publish a financial statement by the end of its term.

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