Thursday, October 12, 2006

Understanding Culture is Key in Understanding Student Councils

Now that the administrative culture of the USC has been brought to the foreground, it helps much in assessing how best to run the University Student Council more efficiently and effectively while at the same time in line with its mission and objectives as laid out in its Constitution. At present, the USC itself cannot lay claim as being a scientific and objective, albeit rational organization in a Weberian sense or even in a progressive sense as it is still enmeshed with backward cultural traits which hinder its administrative development. Nonetheless, a concrete articulation of the USC’s culture such as set out in brief above provides much to enable further studies on student councils as little bureaucracies with fused politico-administrative functions. As such, understanding administrative culture enables public administrators to implement administrative strategies in a situated environment[1] that is not mechanically applied and broadens the parameters to consider in effectively implementing these strategies.

[1] Lapat sa lupa

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