Monday, September 05, 2005


September 1, 2005

“As our Supreme Court Justices unanimously declare the E-VAT as constitutional, the Supreme Court will have showed the youth that it is not the people’s Court of Last Resort but mere extensions of the anti-people economic maneuverings of the President of the Republic.” This was the statement by Rizza Ramirez, National President of the National Union of Students of the Philippines as the NUSP and other student organizations staged a rally in Welcome Rotonda to protest the lifting of the Temporary Restraining Order on the very unpopular E-VAT law last Thursday, September 1.

Ramirez says, “Killing the impeachment and trampling our democratic processes are clearly not enough for this regime. With the VAT, they are now stabbing the dagger straight to the heart of a struggling people and the youth will not allow this travesty to go on further.”

“This regime will be lying to the hilt if they keep on insisting that the EVAT will go to basic social services. If we are to follow the logic of the proposed budget appropriations, more than seventy percent of these EVAT revenues will be appropriated to debt servicing alone while social services like education and health will only receive a little more than twenty percent.” Ramirez asserts.

The proposed budget to education is a paltry sum of 119.1 billion pesos while principal and interest payments of debts amount to a whopping 721.1 billion pesos.

“The youth and their families are already facing their biggest economic crisis as oil prices rise inexorably high along with basic commodities and tuition fees yet the Arroyo government seems indifferent enough to continue squeezing the Filipino family dry.” Ramirez explains.

Ramirez asserts, “Government assertions that marginalized sectors will be unaffected by VAT are pure hogwash. The youth, for instance, will have to spend more of their measly allowances due to price increases in food, transportation, books, among others, as a result of the VAT hike from ten to 12 percent. The daily expenses of the youth due to the VAT will inevitably increase by definitely more than twelve percent.”

Ramirez adds, “In the final analysis, the blame solely rests on the anti-people regime of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as she eternally kowtows to international funding agencies than the interests of her people beset in an economic crisis. That alone is reason enough to oust her from power.”

“Let them kill the impeachment and implement the E-VAT in all their outrageous glory. Their days are numbered anyway as the next few weeks will be littered with protests across the nation towards the final confrontation with the Arroyo regime to finally ouster her out of power..” Ramirez finally says.

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