Monday, September 05, 2005

Are Women Better Managers?

Though I would like to believe that efficiency in management is not gender-specific, the general perception is that of women being better managers than their male counterparts. The distinction is understandable as women have always been more industrious, diligent and efficient even during their academic years while the men are busy about looking for skimpy-clad women or playing computer games and drinking till their hearts content with their barkada or brods. While the women do go out as well, the sense of discipline and control has always been intact than the men who would rather finish the drinking session than reach the office the next day on time and without hangovers. Men are just too disorderly as they are to be that organized in the workplace than the women who were trained at home and in school to be organized and disciplined. Men are such lackeys. I myself even have trouble remembering where I place my pens!

As a result, the training which women have in paying very close attention to details, to the extent of being OCs, bears fruit in the workplace. Women would most certainly leave no stone unturned in terms of managing a department as they do in making sure that their rooms are tidy when they leave or their get-up is sleek up to the very last detail. Well, the men can dream all they want to be organized but personal behavior very much transcends all the way even with our professional ethics. This would then be the undoing of men. For example, I never got to get the habit of sleeping early to wake up early. In so doing, I am almost always late for meetings, classes and appointments. I’d have to say women are very particular about time and work ethics, which are very important features of a good manager as time can never be wasted in the office, because productivity will become less and thus, give lower profits to the company.

Though there are a lot of male executives in top corporations such as Proctor and Gamble and Monde, which precisely shows how better managers women are. All the male senior executives do is to sign papers and get progress reports from their field managers and middle-level managers where a lot of women are part of. They are the ones who are in charge of the daily operations of companies, the grassroots area of the company, in community development parlance. And it is at this level of the corporation where the money comes from – from brilliant marketing and sales strategies where women are really good at due to their astute qualities highlighted above. Well, men can do pretend to be as good as women, but as long as ours is a patriarchal society where stupid male CEOs and executives abound, it is still a man’s world baby.

Abante, Babae! Palaban, Militante!

The conclusion is that there is no conclusion.

Some women are better managers.
Some men are better managers.

Some women are better workers.
Some men are better workers.

Some women are more industrious.
Some men are more industrious.

Some women are more creative.
Some men are more creative.

But men don't have maternal leaves :P
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