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23 JUNE 2005

“Stonewalling the Gloriagate investigation and resorting to procedural delaying tactics are making the majority congressmen look like buffoons in the eyes of the youth and accomplices in this regime’s suppression of truth.” This is the statement of National Union of Students of the Philippines Deputy Vice-President for Luzon Terry Ridon as the House of Representatives ended another disappointing day of useless banter on rules and legal gobbledygook by the congressional apologists of the president.

Save for the surprising submission of the Paguia tapes to the Congress secretary, nothing substantial has come out of the congressional hearing with Secretary Ignacio Bunye further exposing the regime’s ineptness in confronting a raging national issue before the people. “The regime is using all the tricks in their Book of Lies and Psy-War,” says Ridon, “But they are running out of time.”

As a desperate attempt to contain the snowballing controversy, the regime has unleashed cunning intelligence agents to several campuses of the University of the Philippines to collect information on upcoming plans of student councils to further broaden the student alliance against the regime. “Is the President that paranoid and panicky,” explains Ridon, “that even legitimate student councils are now being monitored by the ISAFP?”

The University Student Council of UP Diliman was recently visited by government agents inquiring about scheduled activities related to the scandal. They were rebuffed by the council members. More so, an intelligence agent pretending to be an emissary from a foreign embassy foolishly queried a group of students regarding the schedule of the Hello Garci listening session of the College of Arts and Sciences Student Council of UP Manila for its freshmen. He was immediately brushed aside by the wary Iskolars ng Bayan.

“The regime is creating a climate of fear among the students,” laments Ridon, as large groups of policemen are reportedly being allowed to come and go inside the premises of the Office of the University Registrar in UP Manila along Padre Faura.

As such, there is no better time than now for the students to demand the President of the Republic to cease keeping silent lest be found guilty by the people. “If she does not speak soon, she will have convinced us that she has trampled the very core of democracy – reducing the elections as a private game of the ruling elite,” asserts Ridon.

If she remains heedless of this demand, “Resign or be ousted from your ivory tower,” Ridon finally asserts, “as the students and youth are ever ready to link arms with the people to kick you out of Malacanang for good.”

Reference: 09173375051

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