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June 28, 2004

“Now that the President has confirmed her gross impropriety in front of a national audience, a resignation, if at all, an ouster from power is a fitting retribution by the Filipino people for this regime’s unprincipled trampling of the very core of democracy in the past presidential elections.” This is the statement of National Union of Students of the Philippines Deputy Vice-President for Luzon Terry Ridon as President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo finally admitted to the Filipino people that she conversed with a Comelec official during the counting of the election ballots.

“With her admission of guilt, she herself has willingly placed the last nail on her floundering regime’s coffin – this mea culpa is too late for the people to stomach, especially on us students,” says Ridon. This is the reaction of the NUSP on the President’s insinuations that her economic and fiscal agenda are meant to benefit the education of the youth.

“Her motherhood statements on education alongside the low-intensity VAT propaganda on the youth are as false as her dramatics on television. This regime is notorious for causing the biggest budget cut in the history of the University of the Philippines (P357 M) and the continuing neglect of Philippine education through annual decreases in the overall education budget while diverted to enormous appropriations for foreign debt servicing and military spending,” asserts Ridon.

“Her own admission of guilt moves us not into sympathy for her regime but a strengthened and renewed resolve to further broaden the intensifying student alliance against this sham government,” explains Ridon as close to two thousand youth and students joined the overwhelming mass action against the President last June 24, vowing more warm bodies in the upcoming mass mobilizations as a result of the snowballing political crisis.

“The President’s woes will never be over,” Ridon finally asserts, “not until the time comes that she and her lapdogs finally realize that it is them who are the real economic saboteurs and enemies of the students and the people.”

The NUSP will continue broadening the student alliance against this government through fora on the current political crisis and Hello Garci listening sessions in numerous colleges and universities nationwide, and mass actions in the coming weeks until the President resigns or is ousted from power.
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