Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Those Rotten Networks and Advertisers

March 20, 2005

What’s up with these broadcast networks during boxing fights, delaying the broadcast in order to pester the people with the products during the commercial breaks! The wait in between round is just too awfully long and the Pinoy pugilist will have been knocked out already even before we can even watch Lani Misalucha sing the national anthem. I understand that name recall is one of the fundamentals in effective advertising but I do believe that saturating the entire program with the same barrage of ill-made commercial is just too much to bear for the people. If there is a theory on marginal utility, there sure is a counterpart for that in terms of viewer response, especially during supposedly live via satellite broadcasts. Instead of the people being enchanted by the advertisement, they would rather change channels instead of watching around FIVE MINUTES of commercials! But such is the profile of broadcast networks of course. Watchers of free TV can all wait for the Second Coming as long as the corporations are willing to pay that high to sell their products. And with expected high ratings for this match, the corporations are definitely going to shell it all out for a few good hours of maximum exposure. The networks then will surely maximize the profits from this boxing match, at the expense of millions of viewers glued to the television to cheer on their hero. There is nothing to cheer for if the event is so much delayed and the fight will have been over for a couple of hours now. This perhaps is just bitching. But it’s just me.

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